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About us

You have stumbled upon this website, (intentionally/unintentionally – we don’t care, our only concern is your device’s happiness and your wallet’s) also, we sense you must be a bit clueless as to what a skin is. So, here’s a quick summary:
A skin basically is a scratch-proof protective vinyl wrap cover to any of your gadgets. Sleek, compact and a highly preferable alternative to expensive bulky cases that steal the charm off your phone’s brand. Tech companies spend loads of money to create stylishly user-friendly products, now imagine sticking a big fat case to mask a beautiful creation just because its surface is slippery.
Skins, not only are eye candies but also your one stop solution from scratches along with helping you save some cash to pay off student loans. Best of all, you can experiment with an astonishingly wide arena of customizations available. 
FiveOTA deals in a limitless range of possibilities to adorn your precious phones with. We value your phone’s edginess, especially its curves, and so precision is our ultimate goal. FiveOTA skins thrive on accuracy and elegance besides being light on the pockets. 
In conclusion, you mustn’t neglect your device’s sheer nakedness. Skin it to flaunt it. FiveOTA promises to revamp your new, old, large screened, small screened – any damn device, into a brand new piece of art.