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No kidding.
Image Premium Quality Materials

At fiveOTA, quality and perfection are synonymous, you can only expect the best from us.

Image Supreme Precision

Flawless precision and accuracy for each and every device on our website.

Image Extensive Customization

fiveOTA offers full Customization for your device. So, mix and match your favorite skins and go absolutely quirky.

Image Keep It Trending

To keep up with the trend, easily peel off your current skin and get a new fiveOTA skin.

Image Beauty Check

fiveOTA skins cover your phone fully, hiding all ugly marks and stains. It’s like buying a new phone without having to buy a new phone.


Create A Cult by Designing Your Own Personalized fiveOTA Skin.

Personalized skin provide for a great marketing strategy. Design individualized skins for your brand or your favorite football team or for your gang. Go a mile extra and Let your skin represent your kin.

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Custom Skins fiveOTA

fiveOTA Skins and Wraps

You have stumbled upon this website, (intentionally/unintentionally – we don’t care, our only concern is your device’s happiness and your wallet’s) also, we sense you must be a bit clueless as to what a skin is. So, here’s a quick summary:

A skin basically is a scratch-proof protective vinyl wrap cover to any of your gadgets. Sleek, compact and a highly preferable alternative to expensive bulky cases that steal the charm off your phone’s brand. Tech companies spend loads of money to create stylishly user-friendly products, now imagine sticking a big fat case to mask a beautiful creation just because its surface is slippery.

Skins, not only are eye candies but also your one stop solution from scratches, dust and any kind of stains or marks on your device. Best of all, you can experiment with an astonishingly wide arena of customizations available and fiveOTA deals in a limitless range of possibilities to adorn your precious phones with.

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