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Premium Quality materials

The great thing about selecting fiveOTA skins for your is that you don’t compromise on quality. We are committed towards providing skins of the highest premium quality available. With over 30 different materials to choose from, ranging from concrete, to wood, to carbon fibre all the way upto Matte. Each of them come with an incredibly realistic true to life texture. You have to touch it to believe it. Moreover,when you peel of the skin off your , there’s no residual adhesive on your , a feature that other brands in the country have failed to offer. For us quality and perfection are synonyms, you can only expect the best from us.


Supreme precision

We tried to be modest about this but couldn’t! fiveOTA has the most precise skin fit in the country. With our highly advanced computing software and printer, we’ve utilised and tested over thousands of different alterations with the tiniest of tweaks to achieve flawless precision for the . Our supreme preciseness combined with the premium quality of our materials, makes your look clean and sleek, along with adding a firm grip and scratch free protection without adding any bulk to your .

Extensive Customisation

Fancy having more than one type of material on your ? You’re at the right place! fiveOTA offers you full customisation for your . So, mix and match your favourite skins and go absolutely quirky. With our unique customizer tool that shows a real time preview of your , you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Slap on some black carbon fibre for the back and red carbon fibre for the logo or customise your with wood and concrete. Want to keep it simple yet classy? Combine two different shades of our matte finish. Feel like a VIP by skinning your with our high quality leather. There’s literally hundreds of different variations. Don’t hold back. Your creativity is the limit.


Reinvent Your Device

We know you’ve been using cheap silicon cases to protect your , which in fact, fails to entirely protect it. Instead, such cases are leaving your phone with ugly ‘chicken pox’ resembling dots. Even if you don’t use a silicon cover, over the time the original color and quality of the material on your< phone> begins to degrade. The weather, the dust accumulation, the time you ate a pizza while using your - all such factors ultimately leading your to develop stubborn marks, oil stains along with causing hideous wear and tear to your .
Enter fiveOTA. Our premium quality skins coupled with supreme precision covers your fully, hiding all those ugly marks and stains. It’s like buying a new phone without having to buy a new phone.

Keep It Trending

The coolest thing about buying a fiveOTA skin is that, that they are removable and replaceable. You can easily peel off your current skin and get a new one to keep up with the trend. The new football season starting soon? Show your support by donning your phone in the colours of your favourite team. Have an important party? Match the colour of your with the colour of your outfit! No special occasion and yet you feel like getting a new skin for your every month because you’re rich? We have got your back! At any given chance, you are gonna have a hard time not flaunting your !