We are sure that you and your smartphone would be tired of the redundant case culture. FiveOTA is here to give you an alternative to this. How? Well, by selling premium tech accessories (some pretty cool stuff 😛 )

Our story

We started as young, ambitious people, looking for opportunities to start a venture. Then the whole project of fiveOTA and skin accessories caught our attention and we decided to start a skin culture.

Smartphones are now almost like a primary necessity. We observed how owning a branded smartphone automatically created judgment. As they say, first impressions go a long way. So, we thought of wrapping up your smartphones with colours and textures no mobile company would offer. We wish to re-invent your device, help you get rid of the boring and redundant looks of your phone. FiveOTA skins and wraps will turn heads and create a great first impression about you that communicates how unique you are because communication is established from every aspect of your self, including your phones.

Here at fiveOTA, we sell premium high-quality skins, with a precision cut you have not seen before, and that is not the only thing we are proud of. Our first ever skin customization is the thing that sets up apart from every other mobile accessory company. FiveOTA custom+ is our biggest USP, basically our identity.


FiveOTA is an organization run by young individuals, with ideas that are fresh and unique. This organization brings youthful energy into its products and wishes to connect with the youth. At fiveOTA, we strongly believe in providing a platform to the youth, and in order to do so, we give opportunities to marketing gigs, photographers, models, and students to add value to our product in their own ways. Lastly, our vision is to start a skin culture with a human touch i.e. to understand our customers before selling them our products. We believe in lasting first impressions and are committed to creating that for our clients.


Like any other company, we take great pride in our products. FiveOTA offers around 35 different skin materials to accommodate the choices of its wide range of audiences. Our skins have very high precision that fits your device perfectly. Other than the makeover our skin does to your phone (and your first impression), we pride in the fact that it is scratch, dust and fingerprint resistant. Our glue is like a perfect ex because removing the skin will leave behind no residue.

It will almost be a crime if we don’t mention our custom + feature. The USP of our company lies in the fact that we wish to offer personalization to re-invent your devices in a way that resonates with WHO YOU ARE.

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