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About fiveOTA CUSTOM+

What is customization, technically?

It is the freedom to design and modify as you want.

What is customization for other companies?

It is the freedom to design just your camera and logo. (Duh)

With FiveOTA CUSTOM +, you can customize your phone skins in a true sense. No other company loves reinventing your device this much. (Just Saying)
FiveOTA CUSTOM+ is available for all Apple iPhones, all one plus and Samsung S and Note series user.

Tool kit experience.

FiveOTA Custom+ has 30+ materials coded in it and has 3 different cool ass design cuts planned for you. Now do the math. We are waiting. Did you imagine the endless possibilities of customization? Our tool kit helps you not just imagine but create those possibilities. No other company’s tool kit loves reinventing your device this much. (Just Saying)

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Manasvi Shah
Manasvi Shah
I got to know about fiveOTA skins 6 months ago through their Instagram. I was never fond of bulky covers, it distorts the sleekness of my oneplus 6. I loved experimenting, so with Custom+, I got a chance to flaunt my crazy. My phone looks so much better now, plus no one around me has a design like this! It's easy to apply if you follow the instructions and then you just watch people go "When did oneplus launch a new design?"
Football Player
I love sports and I am a big fan of Juventus football team. Those bulky covers which had symbols of it were not at all classy. With FiveOTA custom+ I got a chance to customize my interest into my mobile phone. I opted for black and white carbon fibre. I love how it shines dude! Highly recommended to everyone.
Fashion Blogger
I am just amazed at the quality of the product. It's always hard to customise if you have to imagine and do it but they have it easy with thier tool. Their service was quick to my surprise. Just loving my phone now.
Tennis Player
I like how my Phone turned out to be. The leather skin is soo real and not heavy at all. Keep up the Good work, you guys!