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Looking forward for buying Asus ROG 3?

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Asus has marked a new benchmark with the launch of Asus ROG 3 at the price of 49,999. The smartphone is specially designed and assembled with the spotlight of “gaming” first and every other feature later. It’s ROG series mainly targets all the passionate gamers out there.

The ROG is the most featured android smartphone of 2020.

The front face is pitch black and accompanied by two stereotype speakers both above and below. It also offers a 6.59-inch display is equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate, 25ms touch latency, HDR10+ support which is impressive compared to any other smartphone. As it also offers an AMOLED panel one can also enjoy the features of the vivid display, good viewing angles, and contrast levels. The only setback is its peak brights which are only limited up to 650nits.

When we talk about the internal aspects and performance the phone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 3.1 storage.

Talking about the gaming features it comes with an Armory Crate with the dedicated X-Mode allowing users to configure aspects such as performance, touch, display, network, and more. It is the most suitable smartphone in terms of performance we have seen so far.

Even though it is a “gaming” based phone Asus has not ignored other features such as a camera by providing a triple camera setup which consists of a 64 MP primary sensor, a 13MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 5MP macro sensor giving it total justice.

The phone delivers a reasonable image quality with a good amount of detail in both daylight and low light. We just wished for a little more dynamic range. The smartphone can shoot up to 8K videos and the quality result is above-average.

It features a 6000 MaH battery which will survive for a day or even more for a medium user.

Leading tech reviewer Akash Jhaveri from techradar gave a totally unbiased review stating “Didn’t think that the phone would impress me, primarily because I prefer my phones to be all-rounders and not one-trick ponies. Interestingly, with the odds against it, the ROG Phone 3 still managed to keep me engaged as it became clearer that its target audience extends beyond just hardcore mobile gamers. Those additions made it a much more likeable device, sometimes even trumping the established choices in its segment”.

Talking about its appearance even with the first glance one can easily predict that all it screams is “gaming” from the illuminated logo to the sporty look Asus has surprised us but the only thing holding its back is “The Back” itself because the Asus ROG 3 phone is designed with gloss finish making it’s back slippery. Hence there are chances of slipping your precious device while gaming or holding and other thousand possibilities but we know how much you value your device hence FiveOTA is here to provide unbelievable grip plus a spark of customization on your Asus ROG Phone 3.

FiveOTA provides premium quality mobile skins for more than 350 plus brand models which you can customize yourself by mix-matching 30 plus textures and materials and add a glimpse of your personality in your smartphone itself. Qualitative customization is what we believe in hence we even give options for back and glider as well. We deliver worldwide with trusted shipping partners ensuring no damage to your product. Further, even when you decide to update your skin we ensure you that no residue will be left on your valuable device. What else do you need?

Still having queries and questions – contact us through our website www.fiveota.com or Instagram handle @fiveota.

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