Apple was founded in 1976 and since then is set to bring revolution in technology and devices. The company is known for its brand value, safe hardware/software, and is trusted by millions across the world, including us. Apple is one of our favourite brands to style, we feel we are almost like their personal stylist. The brand Apple has white and black as its main identity and here at fiveOTA skins and wraps we style your apple products with not just 2 colours but with over 35 different colours and textured materials. The available products with us are Apple iPhone skins, Apple MacBook skins, Apple AirPods skins, Apple watch skin. FiveOTA prides itself on offering the best quality skins with unmatched precision. These skins are scratchproof and the glue we use makes the skins durable and also leaves no residue behind. Thus, when we say that we aim to serve your Apple products with the best products possible, we are not lying.

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