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Apple iPad Pro 10 5 Skins & Wraps



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Why choose Apple iPad Pro 10 5 skin from fiveOTA?

We at FiveOTA firmly believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best and with this, we continuously strive to improve our products and services. We provide premium quality skins and wraps for your laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other devices with very fine precision. We acknowledge your preferences; we provide an extinguish customization experience with which you can customize not only the back of your device but also the camera. We provide a wide range of materials and textures to choose from but we don’t stop here we also provide multiple color options. Our website is crafted in a very user-friendly manner, which makes it easy to navigate and understand. We accept orders and provide customer service 24*7 with worldwide free shipping. Still here? Order Apple iPad Pro 10 5   Skin and give your smartphone a “smart look’’.

FiveOTA provides a wide range of skins for your Apple devices – From the latest Apple Air 2 to Apple iPad Pro 11. All you have to do is just select your device and have an incredible experience with our self customization software.



We at FiveOTA strongly believe that “Perfection leads to ultimate satisfaction” and we totally stick to this. We craft our skins with ultimate accuracy with not even a millimeter of difference between your Apple iPad Pro 10 5  and our skin; giving your device a perfect and precise look.



Our skins totally compliment the sleek figure of your Apple iPad Pro 10 5 , unlike bulky cases which make your device thick due to which it cannot fit in pockets and narrow clutches; on another hand our skins make your device feel lighter, cooler and you can slip it out anywhere. So, say bye to “bulk” with fiveOTA skins.



We very much acknowledge how much you value your Apple iPad Pro 10 5 , you would always want your device to look as good as new, keeping this in mind we assure you that our skins are scratch proof and also will protect your device from scratches. So, when you decide to remove your skin your device will look as good as new.



Change is a requirement of time, we very much understand that you may want to change your skin with the changing trends – No one likes to use outdated products and follow outdated styles and we totally acknowledge that. We totally acknowledge that an update is a must; with that, we assure you that when you decide to update your skin there will be no traces left on your Apple iPad Pro 10 5  .



Just like your clothes and accessories reflect your personality; skin does the same because smartphones are an inseparable part of your daily routine and lifestyle, no matter where you go, your smartphone is the ultimate companion. So, let your Apple iPad Pro 10 5  match your personality with fiveOTA Apple iPad Pro 10 5  skin.



GRIP is the ultimate requirement, like you know there are some clumsy moments we all face – let it be your life or your Apple iPad Pro 10 5  and we totally understand that. Hence, our skins are carved in such a way that you will get a perfect hold over your device. So, no more clumsy moments and slipping phones with FiveOTA skins.

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